Sunday, 12 October 2014


1. Brushed Oversized Check Jumper - Mango/ASOS (£19.99)
2. Rollneck Jumper (also available in Cream, Burgundy, Navy Blue and Olive Green) - Mango/ASOS (£9.99)
3. Jumper With Embroidered Eyes and Detachable Collar - ASOS (£22)
4. White Fluffy Teddy Jumper -  New Look @ ASOS (£22.99)
5. Longline Cardigan In Brushed Mohair With Floral Pattern -ASOS (£48)

With winter fast approaching (the temptation to make a Game of Thrones reference there was almost too much), I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you a few of the knitwear items I've been looking at and considering investing in for the colder months. There are obviously loads of other, more pricey pieces that I'd love to purchase, but for now I thought I'd better share with you things I'm more likely to be able to afford. I find shopping for knitwear really difficult for some odd reason, and every year I have to spend hours trawling through pages and pages to find about three passable jumpers. 
This year I've been loving roll necks and long line cardigans, and I absolutely love this look from Urban Outfitters. It's so simple but so chic in a really casual and effortless way - I need one of these cardigans!

Do you love or hate winter clothes shopping?
Elly xx